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Why Parking Lots Are One of the Biggest Hazards in Wintertime

Most drivers will agree that driving in the winter presents more obstacles than the rest of the year. The inclement weather with its snow and ice definitely make for a more challenging drive. Those challenges are not confined to the local streets and highways, but also come into play at the local parking lot. That thin layer of ice that creates winter hazards on the open roads (black ice) is just as happy to play tricks with your driving in the local mall parking lot. Even under good weather conditions, parking lots can be hazardous.

Winter Hazards

Winter hazards are not confined to black ice. Dangers hidden in snow piles can present a danger of injury when you least expect it. Many drivers do not expect to see under such conditions. Decreased visibility also makes it harder for drivers to see smaller objects on the road. If possible, the best idea is to avoid riding a motorcycle in the snow. That being said, there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of falling victim to winter dangers.

Dangerous Winter Conditions

Parking lots can be dangerous to drive in even for experienced drivers. Though in some snow and ice, dangerous winter conditions can become deadly. Experienced drivers know that the first step to a safer ride in inclement winter weather is to drive slower. This is even more important when driving in a parking lot. The National Safety Council reports that about 66% of drivers in parking lots could be classified as distracted drivers. Easing off the gas and slowing down will enable attentive drivers to avoid unwanted contact with those distracted drivers and avoid becoming a statistic. The National Safety Council estimates that there are about 50,000 motor vehicle accidents occurring each year in parking lots and garages. In addition to thousands of injuries, those accidents contribute to about 500 deaths each year. When you fully consider various parking lot dangers, it becomes easier to see why this can be the case.

Parking Lot Dangers – More Dangers in Winter

While there are extra winter dangers presented in parking lots, let’s not forget that parking lots present dangers to drivers throughout the year. While distracted drivers are a factor to deal with wherever you drive, additional issues that may affect liability come into play in a parking lot. With pedestrians walking in all directions and cars going in and out of parking spaces, even a vigilant driver must be at his best behind the wheel. Lack of proper signaling, poor maintenance of the property, random shopping carts going in all directions due to employee negligence and other factors are the responsibility of the owner of the property. Add into that the dangers in winter and you can have a recipe for disaster.  

Representing Your Safety

These dangerous winter conditions are serious business. If you have been injured in a parking lot accident, your personal injury lawyer at the Shapiro Law Group can help.  

After seeking the proper medical care, consulting with one of our personal injury lawyers to help you sort through the plethora of factors that need review should be your next step. In addition to medical expenses that result from your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for lost income and the pain and suffering you have had to endure. Call today at (339)298-2300 for a free consultation.