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What Your Divorce Lawyer Wants You to Tell Them

Having to end a marriage, no matter how short or long it may have lasted, is never a situation you want to find yourself in. But, as people grow and the marriage matures, sometimes it becomes painfully obvious that you were not meant to stay together. Under Massachusetts family law, navigating this process can be very difficult without an experienced divorce attorney. Before you hire just any divorce lawyer to help, you may want to consider a few pieces of key information your attorney will need to know.

Infidelity – Was There Cheating Involved?

For many a divorce attorney, one of the first questions you’ll be asked is whether there was infidelity. Did your spouse cheat on you, or did you cheat on your spouse? In either case, it’s imperative you share these details with your attorney. Depending on your circumstances, you may or may not ultimately file for divorce under adultery, but informing your lawyer is essential if you want to fight for the best possible outcome.

Drug Use or Addictions

Another important factor your divorce lawyer will want to know about is any drug use or addictions your spouse or you might have. If you suffer from addictions or abuse a substance, whether legal or illegal, knowing this will be important to defend against potential legal challenges as you file. Alternatively, if your spouse uses any drug or addictive substance, this information could potentially be used to help ensure you get a more favorable outcome.

Cheating on Taxes or Illegal Business Practices

Under Massachusetts family law, there are many factors that can affect the outcome of a divorce judgment. One of those that an experienced divorce attorney will want to consider is any business or tax fraud. Again, whether you are guilty of these crimes or your spouse, letting your divorce attorney know about these activities is essential. In fact, if you or your spouse have any crimes that might be brought up during the proceedings, it helps to air them out. Knowing all these variables help ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Any Hidden Assets

One final thing you want to consider when speaking with your divorce lawyer is about any hidden assets you or your spouse might have. Like all of the above factors, admitting to your own hidden assets can help better protect them while letting your attorney know of suspected hidden assets your spouse might have can help you obtain a more just outcome. Ultimately, it comes down to one simple fact: transparency with your divorce attorney will go a long way.

Working with A Divorce Lawyer

Regardless of what grounds you are filing for divorce under, whether it is mutual or not, and whether you or your spouse may have fallen into one of these camps, it’s important you communicate honestly with your divorce attorney. Having all the information upfront will help your lawyer approach this area of family law in a more informed manner.

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