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What To Look For in a Family Law Attorney in Massachusetts

Facing Divorce in Massachusetts?

Individuals who are considering divorce or may need the services of a family lawyer have many options. An experienced family law attorney will be experienced in child custody, divorce, and other areas. You can find a local attorney in many ways. However, what to look for in a family law attorney in Massachusetts is the important question.

Experience Matters

Going through a divorce is often stressful, painful, and can be a confusing time. You will want a lawyer who is experienced in divorce law to help you understand your options. The most important aspect you need to know is to search for an attorney who is experienced and up to date with the latest divorce & custody laws in Massachusetts.

Offering to Talk

A good attorney will have excellent communication skills. This is the most important criteria when any family law attorney is being considered. The most important aspect of communication is taking time to listen. Lawyers need to listen to understand their client’s fears, goals, and concerns to come up with the best strategy for your situation. One thing to keep in mind is a good lawyer is a truthful lawyer. This means you may not like what you hear, but sugarcoating the truth is often worse.

Having Good Judgment

A divorce lawyer or child custody lawyer will be able to guide you when there is a need to make a vital decision about your life. This includes terms for custody and what to expect when going through with a divorce. Family law attorneys need to express confidence to their clients and not seem aloof.

Commitment to Honesty

A good lawyer will never promise that your case will result in a specific outcome. There will always be variables that cannot be anticipated. However, a family law attorney should promise to work hard for a client, listen to their concerns, promptly return phone calls, and provide a client with information about their case. This will allow a client to make an informed decision.


Clients need to know the truth about your current situation to develop a realistic strategy. The objective is to come up with a plan that will work for child custody and post-divorce. A good attorney provides a client an objective opinion and information to keep their interests protected.

Problem Solver

Knowing when to fight and when to settle is an essential skill for an experienced lawyer. Many times a settlement that is fair can be reached without having to put up a fight in court. This is done using sound judgment and skill. If an attorney does not seem very helpful, then further research is needed.

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By Anna Shapiro