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Multi-Generational Planning

The importance of legacy-driven infrastructure for families in the 21st century is of critical importance.  More than ever, families are experiencing rapid changes in structure, responsibility, and wealth. A carefully drafted estate plan will address the need to protect your family, provide for estate supervision, and ensure assets are safely protected and transferred to intended recipients.

Trustee For Your Estate

A Trustee owes a duty of utmost good faith and loyalty to the trust or estate it serves. This is referred to as a fiduciary duty. The selection of a Trustee ought to be weighed heavily, and candidates should be meticulously examined for their character, history, and ability to serve the needs of the trust they are about to manage. Professional trustees, such as Trust Companies, financial institutions, and law firms, are often reliable choices for individuals who are uncertain as to whom to select as Trustee.

The Flexible Estate Plan

Estates, like life generally, are perpetually in a state of flux. A well-crafted estate plan can work with your lifestyle, habits, and needs, to allow you to be prepared for a constellation of life events. Whether it is buying a home, financing a graduate education, or working to invest in a small business, a well-crafted estate plan can ensure that trusted individuals develop, manage, and implement your wealth in surgical, targeted ways, aimed only at serving your best interests.

Include Your Retirement Plans

Traditional retirement vehicles provide for one or two beneficiaries, without allowing the flexibility a trust affords. Often, the beneficiary of a retirement vehicle is uninformed and ill-equipped to handle the responsibility of a large influx of capital. Too often, families lose assets through poorly planned estate planning instruments, without vague or ignored instructions. An explicitly draft Trust can provide clarity when conveying one life’s biggest assets. Namely, retirement savings.

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