Unemployment Lawyer Quincy MA

Need an Unemployment Lawyer in Quincy, Massachusetts? Shapiro Law Group, PC, Can Help

Navigating workplace disputes can be daunting, whether you’re an employee facing unfair treatment or an employer safeguarding your company’s interests. That’s where Shapiro Law Group, PC, a Quincy-based firm, comes in. Beyond employment law, we have deep roots in personal injury, business, civil, and bankruptcy law, giving us a well-rounded perspective when approaching legal issues.

Protecting Employees: When Your Rights Have Been Violated

  • Discrimination in All its Forms: Whether it’s due to race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, or other protected characteristics, discrimination is illegal. We’ll investigate, gather evidence, and fight to secure compensation and prevent further injustice.
  • Wage and Hour Disputes: Overtime violations, withheld tips, or misclassification as an independent contractor can significantly reduce your rightful earnings. We’ll calculate what you’re owed and negotiate for fair pay.
  • Family and Medical Leave Issues: The FMLA protects your job if you need time away due to illness, caring for a loved one, or the arrival of a new child. We’ll hold employers accountable if your rights are violated.

Employment Law Expertise for Employers

  • Workplace Investigations: Thorough and impartial investigations of harassment or discrimination complaints are essential for maintaining a safe, productive workspace. We conduct these discreetly, protecting the rights of all parties while ensuring compliance.
  • Severance Agreements: Negotiating fair severance packages is crucial, especially in the context of downsizing or terminations. We’ll advocate for terms that align with your interests and minimize the risk of future lawsuits.
  • Non-compete Agreements: We’ll draft enforceable agreements to protect trade secrets and customer relationships while also counseling on the risks and limitations of such agreements within Massachusetts law.

Fierce Advocacy Inside the Courtroom

Sometimes, the best way to resolve employment law disputes is through a negotiated settlement. But when litigation is necessary, our employment lawyers in Quincy, MA, aren’t afraid to take a case to trial. We build compelling cases, leverage witnesses, and expertly argue for your best interests before a judge.

Shapiro Law Group, PC: Your Quincy Connection for Employment Law

We believe exceptional legal service starts with understanding our clients and their goals:

  • Personalized Strategies: Your situation is unique. We’ll listen, analyze, and craft a legal approach designed to get the results you deserve.
  • Clear Fee Structures: Transparency regarding costs is essential to building trust. We’ll discuss fees openly and work with you to find a billing arrangement that fits your needs.
  • A Reputation for Success: Our track record of favorable settlements and courtroom victories sets us apart in the Quincy legal community.

Don’t Let Employment Law Issues Disrupt Your Life or Your Business

If you’re grappling with an employment law problem, Shapiro Law Group, PC, wants to help you reclaim control. Contact our unemployment lawyers in Quincy, Massachusetts, for a confidential consultation. We’ll outline your options and empower you to make informed decisions.

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