After surviving an emergency aorta dissection requiring 3 major surgeries within 10 days, our savings being depleted, and our income prospects suddenly reduced to only Social Security, we stared at the hard reality of bankruptcy. Searching on-line, we happened upon Shapiro Law Group. From the very beginning, at our introductory interview with Anna Shapiro, we could tell she was the Attorney for us. My wife and I both really liked her pleasant, but assertive and energetic, personality. Somehow we could sense that she was determined to do everything in her power to keep her promises to us. And, that is exactly how our bankruptcy experience unfolded. Our time window was tight: I had another surgery in 1 1/2 months and we had to move to another state 1 month later to be with our daughter. She therefore promised us that we would complete all the paperwork and meet the bankruptcy Judge in 2 months, the middle of our 1 month window. And she proved faithful to her promises. Everything completed on-time, just as she assured us. Furthermore, she told us up front, on day one, what her services would cost. We held yard sales to generate her fee, and true to her word she never asked for a penny more! Based on our experience, we would recommend Shapiro Law Group to anyone in need of their fields of expertise.