Employment Case

To say I was impressed is an understatement. From our initial conversation to the conclusion of my case attorney Shapiro was very thorough and transparent. Attorney Shapiro day one looked at my case and let me know it might be an uphill battle but there is a case and she was willing to fight on my behalf. As we went through the process of communicating with the opposing counsel she allowed me the opportunity to dissect documents to make sure I was comfortable with what was happening every step of the way. Fortunately she trusted me with my evidence and approach to give me the liberty to handle what was needed on my end, without steering me in a way she thought just fit her. Being as apprehensive as I was going into the mediation she was able to relieve my anxiety and be the firm presence I needed to reach the settlement we saw fit. Words can’t express enough my gratitude and appreciation for her. Anyone in search of a lawyer who will make you seen heard and understood, I highly recommend reaching out to her.