Validation and Support When I Most Needed It!

I worked with Attorney Shapiro on an employment case. I was facing some extremely challenging conditions and at the end of my rope — my mental and physical health were going downhill, quickly. I was in a place of being constantly gaslit about my performance so I was feeling really hesitant to seek legal assistance. When presenting Attorney Shapiro with documented evidence in our initial conversation (which was super thorough and still somehow free), she was honest about the things that weren’t legally relevant and incredibly validating about the things that were. She was clear, she and her office were communicative and explained all answers to any questions, big or small. Honestly, it was also really nice to have a team of incredible women supporting and empowering me to stand up for myself. I’m sure several lawyers could end with a result like we did, one that was a compromise on both sides, but it was extremely important to me to have someone I could trust advocating for me. I highly recommend at least reaching out to see if there’s anything she and her team can help with, they will be upfront about it! And I highly recommend working with her.
Boring logistics: fees are on par, has good working relationships with other lawyers (did some research), great academic record, etc etc. but after speaking with several lawfirms/lawyers, I still say it’s the other stuff that stands out!