Anna couldn’t have come into my life at a better time. I was going through an incredibly toxic and abusive situation with a former employee(one of the major medical centers in the region). Anna answered the phone herself when I called and took the time to listen. I went on to obtain a consultation from her, and immediately felt at ease in the presence of her calm composed presence. After deciding to retain her, there were times where I remember feeling frustrated and wishing that she would be more aggressive, but in hind sight her composure and restraint were exactly what I needed with my case. Anna had basically gone behind the scenes and taken the time to understand the full weight of the situation I was in, and she knew full well that being more aggressive was a really bad option for me. Anna had taken the time to understood how manipulative, sinister, and evil the powers my former employee was able to wield against me given the institutions in play. Anna was able to maintain enough leverage to keep the wolves at bay and negotiated the best possible outcome given my situation. Anna’s hourly rates are reasonable, and in my case that was really appreciated because the overall cost of my representation ended up being significant. The complexity of the situation required someone brilliant to go through every last detail with a fine comb. For me that someone brilliant was Anna, and she ended up being worth her weight in gold. Thank you so much Anna, my life wouldn’t be the same today without you. If you hadn’t been there when I needed you most, I’d still be picking up the pieces. – Byron