We had the opportunity to work with SLG to sort out a non-payment of rent situation. This was unfamiliar terrain and we wanted the best legal advice and help. Right from our first meeting, it was evident that we were dealing with an incredibly knowledgeable team who were experts on navigating real-time complexities associated with such situations.SLG was upfront about the risks involved, clear about expectations and forthright about the actions they were going to execute on our behalf. To cut a long story short, the tenants proved tenacious and needed to be evicted from the premises. SLG swiftly prepared our case, issued notices and executed the verdict that they obtained in our favor. Their cordiality, accessibility and alacrity in communication at all times provided us complete clarity throughout the process. To sum up, we will definitely be going back to SLG should we need legal advice/help of any kind in the future and would not hesitate giving the firm the highest possible recommendation or recommending them to our friends/family.