To Whom It May Concern:

During the past three years, Shapiro Law Group has provided both personal and corporate legal service on my behalf. On the personal side, SGL guided me through a family matter, where Anna Shapiro presented, negotiated, and essentially crushed the opposing counsel during a divorce. On the professional side, SGL Attorneys have provided legal counsel to Evosys, a global corporation, on incorporation, and establishment to operate in the US, based in Massachusetts.As our business has grown, SGL Attorneys have counseled Evosys on immigration matters and global business practices to ensure compliance with immigration and tax laws. The SLG Immigration team, led by Vivian Crowell, processed an L1-Visa that was submitted to ICE, and approved without any request for additional information. That alone speaks to the professionalism, and deep understanding of immigration laws possessed by the SGL team. I highly recommend Shapiro Law Group for business, immigration, and family legal counsel.