In 2012 Anna Shapiro was hired to navigate my divorce. For a onetime fee verses, an hourly fee, she promised to see my divorce through to the end. She delivered exceptionally well. My ex-husband tried to tie me up with negotiation, but Anna persisted and got me the divorce, in short order. Anna’s firm provided me a stress free divorce, as much as any divorce can be stress free. I have since, remained in contact with her and consider her a friend with integrity, compassion, and passion for everything she does.

Obtaining A Final Divorce Judgment Without Litigation

Successfully represented Husband and Father in his Divorce and Modification actions against the Wife. Originally, the Firm of Shapiro Law Group, PC was able to obtain a final divorce judgment for the Father without having to go through protracted litigation. This judgment included a shared legal custody, a reasonable child support amount, no alimony, equitable division of assets, as well as an inter-state parenting plan for the Minor Child prior to her starting school. In about a year, the Firm represented Father in a Modification action. The Firm was able to obtain a final judgment on the matter with an updated inter-state parenting plan, as well as to obtain a lower child support amount for the Father to pay (adjusted per new Child Support Guidelines).