Thorough Documentation Review And Clarification

Anna has helped me navigate a few very important business dealings. In one case, I had lengthy document that needed to be reviewed and signed. After a timely review, Anna came back to me clarifying several items throughout the document. She increased my understanding of the business dealing as she guiding me through the facts […]

Shapiro Achieves Amicable Resolution

Provided successful representation to a multi-state publication distributor under a Breach of Contract action brought in the United States District Court. In this civil action brought pursuant to 28 U.S.C.A. §1332, the Defendant owed the Plaintiff over $146,000 in unpaid distribution costs. The Firm’s attorneys successfully brought the matter to an amicable resolution, thereby avoiding […]

Here To Help You Start Your Company

Attorney Anna Shapiro has helped me with the legal documents to start my company. She was very helpful, knowledgeable and gave me great legal advice. Anna was very professional and I felt very comfortable and pleased to be able to work with her. I would recommend her to anyone interested in starting their own company […]

Shapiro Recovers Unpaid Fees For Corporate Client

Successfully obtained judgment in favor of a Corporation in connection with a Breach of Contract action for various consulting services. In this Civil action brought in the district court, the Firm’s attorneys represented an out of state corporate Plaintiff, attempting to recover unpaid fees associated with professional consulting services. After oral argument, the Plaintiff secured […]

Providing More Then Paper Work: Tailored Guidance

I am writing to thank you for the extremely helpful treatment I have received from your office. Last year, when I incorporated my business with the help of your office, I was looking for more than someone to help prepare and file the necessary documents, but also someone who could understand the purpose of my […]

I Highly Recommend Shapiro Law Group

To Whom It May Concern: During the past three years, Shapiro Law Group has provided both personal and corporate legal service on my behalf. On the personal side, SGL guided me through a family matter, where Anna Shapiro presented, negotiated, and essentially crushed the opposing counsel during a divorce. On the professional side, SGL Attorneys […]

Very Professional and Timely

Working with Anna, et al, from a small storefront office in Melrose to her professional offices in Woburn at Cummings Park, has been a pleasure. Not only has she helped with business plans, guidance and legalities for my corporate enterprises but also my personal Divorce situation. Being the objective professional that she is, both parties […]

Fantastic to work with!

Anna and her team have been fantastic to work with! She and her group provided clear and concise assistance for us when we had the need for business contract review and development. Ted Vahey

Timely Communication

I have dealt with many attorneys, and I must say that I have never had a better communicating and timely attorney than Anna Shapiro. I have never made one phone call or sent one email that was not promptly returned. Also, her “turnaround time” on document preparation is phenomenal!  

Breach Of Contract Judgment In Favor Of Shapiro’s Defendant

Successfully obtained Summary Judgment in favor of Defendant against corporate Plaintiff. In this civil action, the Plaintiff brought suit to collect over $220,000 associated with an alleged breach of Contract. The Firm’s attorneys successfully argued against the Plaintiff on the grounds that there remained no genuine issues of material fact, thereby making the case ripe […]

Shapiro, There For You From Start-Up To Established Business

Anna, was very professional and showed a genuine interest and helpful advice in the start-up of my new company. She answered many questions, was very knowledgeable in Business law and made the process very easy for me. I would recommend her to anyone interested in starting their own company or small business.

Choosing Shapiro, A Smart Business Decision

Anna Shapiro has proven most capable on a multitude of issues from AP to SAP. She is very responsible, very cost effective, knowledgeable and up to date on policies and procedures. I would whole heartedly recommend her services to anyone.