Transparent Billing

After surviving an emergency aorta dissection requiring 3 major surgeries within 10 days, our savings being depleted, and our income prospects suddenly reduced to only Social Security, we stared at the hard reality of bankruptcy. Searching on-line, we happened upon Shapiro Law Group. From the very beginning, at our introductory interview with Anna Shapiro, we […]

In Tough Times, We Are Your Trusted Resource

Filing for bankruptcy is one of the toughest things that a person can go through. My husband and I didn’t even know where to begin, then we received a recommendation to look into the legal team at Shapiro Law Group. Anna and her team made the filing process easy and calmed our nerves every step […]

Caring for Clients as People

Five years ago my wife and I went thru some financial issues. We really had no where else to turn!! My wife was in court, while I was in another and we truly did not know where to turn until Anna approached my wife, unaware of our issue and asked my wife if she was […]

She Went Above and Beyond

I was looking to hire an Attorney for my Bankruptcy case five years ago and I met Attorney Shapiro. She went above and beyond provided me with an outstanding service which far exceeded my expectation. Anna is truly wonderful and making sure everything was up to her high standard. Anna and her staff worked tirelessly […]

Resolving Problems And Providing Support

Anna has been wonderful and completely supportive of my husband and myself. Over the last couple of years, we have had several personal and financial difficulties. Anna has both been supportive and understanding and has resolved each and every problem, with complete resolution, to our favor. We are now fortunate to call her our friend!