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Residential Real Estate Laws in Massachusetts – Buying and Selling

Residential Real Estate Lawyer in MA

Residential real estate entails the buying or selling of a home. It may very well be the largest financial and personal decision that people ever make. For most everyone, their home is perhaps their most valuable asset. Whether it is the first time home buyer or someone looking to sell a home they have invested time and money into, each and every residential real estate transaction should involve a skilled and highly trained real estate attorney in MA.

Buyer Services Real Estate

For the home buyer, a real estate attorney can wear many different hats and guide the process along from start to finish. A residential real estate attorney can act as a negotiator to help ensure a buyer’s legal rights are protected and their best interests are at the forefront. An attorney can also explain the entire purchase and sale contract in depth so there is no confusion or misinformation at the table. An entire set of liabilities or hidden issues can erupt during the home buying process. A real estate attorney can attend to these matters and ensure a resolution on your behalf is reached and implemented. The taxes, title and mortgage paperwork and documentation can be complex and entail a great deal of time and understanding. Real estate attorneys are fully capable of managing this aspect of the sale in every way to ensure all legal bases are covered. There may also be concerns or problems that arise at or after the actual closing of a residential real estate deal. With proper legal guidance and representation, the entire process can be handled expertly and the rights and protections of the buyer can be secured.

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The process of selling real estate can be life-changing and just as stressful and overwhelming as buying a home. During the process, the emotions and legal complexities can mean a great deal of confusion and even room for error. Having a legal expert who specializes in the needs of those selling residential real estate can quell many of those concerns or any confusion. The negotiation of a sale requires someone who has expert skills and has your best interests in mind. Without legal representation, it can be difficult to navigate the process or know if you got the best deal for your investment. The purchase and sale agreements alone can be difficult to understand and need to be professionally drafted for the seller’s protection. Title issues also require expert analysis and resolution. For the seller, a skilled residential real estate attorney can be the best navigational tool available when it is time for the closing.

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Any residential real estate transaction can give rise any number of unique issues or complications. There may be disclosure issues or disagreements that occur without warning. The document preparation needs and advice given by an experienced real estate attorney can be priceless and can also make the difference between a successful real estate transaction and a regretful situation or lost opportunity. If need be, a real estate attorney may even need to act as a litigator on the buyer or sellers behalf. The highly trained and experienced residential real estate attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC can ensure you are fully prepared for any complications or bumps in the road and that your legal rights and your long term interests are protected in every way.

By Anna Shapiro