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Purchase and Sales Agreement Laws in Massachusetts

A purchase and sales agreement may be the most important contract you ever sign. A P&S agreement is a legal contract between the buyer and seller of a property. The agreement may begin in a standard form, but attorneys for both parties may add to it. This can mean the finalized version may be complex and very detailed. Because of the importance of a purchase and sales agreement and the complications that may arise, having a skilled and knowledgeable real estate attorney on your side to oversee the process is vital. Shapiro Law Group, PC, in Massachusetts has the experience and resources needed to help you navigate the legal contracts needed to purchase a home or for the sale of a home. We work to make sure you feel confident in what you are agreeing to. The negotiating of a purchase & sales agreement and the details involved mean there may be multiple additions and provisions.


Some of the details contained in a purchase and sales agreement include:

  • Price of property
  • Deposit amounts
  • Mortgage information
  • Repairs or condition of property details
  • Details of concessions and contingencies
  • Closing date information
  • Buyer default details

The ultimate goal of the agreement is to protect both the buyer and seller of a commercial or residential property in Massachusetts. Effective negotiations are essential and a full understanding of the process is needed by all parties. Because of the possibility of one party cancelling, issues arising that affect the closing, or the deal being compromised in some other way, legal guidance and protection is necessary.

Purchase and Sales Contract Agreement Laws
Purchase and Sales Contract Agreement


A purchase and sales agreement is not be entered into lightly even under the most amicable of circumstances. Our firm knows how best to iron out sticking points and ensure everything is outlined clearly. We know how important it is for a client to understand what they are signing and the possible obstacles that may come up. When you choose Shapiro Law Group, PC, as your source for real estate legal counsel, you will feel confident and secure about the P&S agreement you are entering into. We will give your case the personal attention needed and explain every step of the process. Our firm will pursue every avenue to make sure you get the provisions you need and your rights and interests are protected as you enter into a purchase and sales agreement. At Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us to set up your initial consultation. (339) 298-2300.

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