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Purchase and Sales Contract Agreement Laws

If you are planning to buy or sell real estate in Massachusetts, you need an experienced and knowledgeable P&S attorney in Massachusetts who can guide you through the process as well as draft and review a purchase and sales agreement. There are certain standard components to a purchase and sales agreement. There are also stipulations that may be unique to your situation.


Some of the general aspects of a legal purchase and sales agreement include:

  • Names of the parties involved
  • Price of the property
  • Description of the property
  • Mortgage and financing information
  • Closing date
  • Title and deed issues, including disclosures about any liens or problems
  • Buyer default details
  • Stipulations regarding repairs and home inspection, radon, lead, or other potential hazards
  • Certification for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide

A purchase and sales agreement may be revised or modified a number of times before the actual closing date. There may also be complex stipulations as part of an agreement. It is vital that all parties fully understand the process and every detail in the agreement as it is legally binding.

Purchase and Sales Contract Agreement Laws
Purchase and Sales Contract Agreement


Shapiro Law Firm, PC, has the experience necessary to guide you through the transaction and help ensure your rights and interests are protected. We will draft an agreement that addresses all of the areas of concern and plainly outlines your responsibilities and the responsibilities of the other parties involved. Our firm also has the ability to negotiate an agreement on your behalf and rework any details or stipulations that are of concern. Before you sign any purchase and sales agreement, whether it is your first sale or purchase or your 100th, let us review the contract and help ensure you are comfortable and understand everything in your purchase and sales agreement. At Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us to set up your initial consultation. (339) 298-2300.

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