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Property Contract Lawyers in Massachusetts

Shapiro Law Group, PC, has contract attorneys who can help draft, revise, and negotiate any contract involving property. Contracts for property issues can pertain to buying and selling, leasing, property management, and many other aspects of property rights and situations. Some other property issues that may require contracts and contract negotiations can include zoning rights, boundary disputes, easement agreements between landowners, and eminent domain issues. Title disputes may involve contracts also.


Any kind of contract involving property in Massachusetts should contain a few standard components and also be clearly written. A contract drafted by a knowledgeable and experienced contract attorney will contain language that is not redundant or ambiguous. Both sides should be comfortable with the language and the terms of the contract. Some of the common components may include a timeline for use or transfer of property, how property is to be left after that time period, and any price for sale or rent of property. It may also include details about boundaries or property lines and rights to improve or change the property in any way.

Property Contract Laws in Massachusetts
Property Contract Laws in Massachusetts


A contract attorney from Shapiro Law Group, PC, will take the time to explore every detail of a property contract. We will review the terms with you before anyone signs and help you decide the best course of action if there are any questions or stipulations you are uncomfortable with. Negotiating a property contract is common and requires an attorney who has the negotiating skills needed to help you get the final draft you want and need. Our contract attorneys will take the time to get to know your situation and will proceed with revisions and negotiations that further your best interests. No two property contracts are the same, despite the standard components many may have. If you are faced with the need to draft, revise, negotiate, or litigate a contract related to property in Massachusetts, let Shapiro Law Group, PC, work to ensure protection of your rights and any property in question. At Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us to set up your initial consultation. (339) 298-2300.

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