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Truck Accidents

Living in or around Boston means you’re accustomed to dealing with traffic. As with any densely populated area in the country, more people means more automobiles. And, more automobiles means more accidents on the road. When it comes to auto accidents, truck accidents can often include great danger for those other vehicles involved. While all cars are designed with safety in mind, the extra size of a truck, and more importantly, the extra weight, makes it a dangerous piece of machinery. After being involved in an accident of this type, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. After that, you should look to find a truck accident lawyer. With attorneys experienced in truck accident cases, Shapiro Legal is there to represent you and ensure you recover damages commensurate with the injuries sustained during the accident.


Throughout the year, road hazards and other dangerous environmental conditions can create real dangers for drivers. If you speak with a truck accident attorney, you’ll likely find that many of their cases involve unsafe road conditions. This can be especially true in the winter months when black ice and other hazards present extra danger to drivers. Regardless of whether the environment was a factor or whether it was negligence of a driver, it’s important to quickly seek medical and legal help after your accident for best results. But, how do you best handle an accident?


As mentioned above, the first and most important thing you should do after any motor vehicle accident is to seek medical attention. Specifically, you should call 911 and make sure you, any of your passengers, and any other drivers involved are all safe. If there are injuries, acting quickly can often have a big impact on recovery time and seriousness of the injuries. After ensuring this is the case, you’ll want to get in touch with a truck accident attorney. From there, it’s important you do everything you can to keep track of what happened and properly report the incident to the authorities. While an experienced lawyer can help guide you through the process, it helps to consider a few key things:


First and foremost, you should work to document everything when an accident occurs. This means taking photos of the damage, including any injuries you suffered. Take notes if possible. If not, make sure to make a full, detailed report to a police officer (who should arrive at the scene after you call 911). After the accident, you should be able to get a copy of the police report. As any truck accident lawyer can attest to, having consistency in your report is important to truck accidents.

Truck Accident Liability

After hiring a truck accident law firm to help with your case, it’s important that you consider liability. Specifically, the state of Massachusetts is a no-fault state. This means that each person involved in the accident must file a claim under their own insurance policy. While that may be the case, Massachusetts auto insurance law further outlines how liability can be applied in a case. Rather than try to navigate the intricacies of these laws, having a truck accident lawyer to review your case can save a lot of time and headache.

Medical Expenses and Other Damages

While the question of accident liability is important during truck accidents, the other thing you will want to speak to your truck accident attorney about is damages. Specifically, what sort of damages can you recover from an accident? Naturally, medical expenses are the most common type of recovery a truck accident victim can pursue. But that is not the only part of the equation. Understanding that immediate recovery from a physical injury is not all that’s involved in an accident, Massachusetts law makes it possible to recover a variety of other damages. Specifically, you’ll want to consider missed work, pain and suffering, and any potential long-term financial or physical damages this accident can cause.

Hiring A Truck Accident Lawyer

When you look to hire a truck accident lawyer, you want to make sure you work with someone experienced in these matters. This means understanding the potential actions that come with a truck accident beyond what might be involved in a standard motor vehicle collision. You’ll also want to make sure you share every detail with your attorney. The more information you have, the better. This is why it’s key for you to properly document the accident and file a police report at the time the incident occurs. Knowing the importance of this, it helps to have a recap of everything you’ll need.


Before contacting a truck accident law firm, as mentioned before, the first thing you should do after an accident is call 911 and seek medical attention. Make sure to file a police report at the time and accept any medical care offered. Often times, refusal of medical care at the scene can disqualify you from damages due to an injury. In these types of accidents, it’s easy for adrenaline to take over and for you to ignore an injury that can cause serious damage later on. Beyond filing the police report and seeking any medical attention, it’s essential you document everything you can on your own end. Take as many pictures of the incident as possible and take notes of the exact situation as it occurred. Whether you have witnesses to the accident or not, keeping consistent notes can be beneficial to your case. With all this together, you can hire a personal injury attorney knowing you have the right information to get the job done right. From there, speak with your attorney about your injuries, the situation around the accident, and provide all the documentation you have, including the police report.


Dealing with any automobile accident can cause a lot of stress and create unforeseen challenges. Beyond any injuries sustained during the accident, handling insurance, dealing with missed work, and making sure you can cover the bills throughout the process is not something anyone should have to endure. While there is no magical fix to make these struggles disappear, having an experienced law firm on your side can go a long way in making the process easier. When it comes time to speak with a truck accident attorney, you’ll find our team of professionals ready to help guide you through the process. This way, you can ensure you can recover damages for the injuries you sustained to your vehicle, as well as physically and emotionally. At Shapiro Law Group we are ready to help. Contact us at 339-298-2300 to set up your initial consultation and to get started with a claim today.