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Trespassing Laws in Massachusetts

When you have invested so much into a property, you want to take every step possible to protect that investment. Whether it pertains to commercial or residential property, it is vital that you understand your rights and protections when it comes to trespassing. Shapiro Law Group, PC, can advise and guide you through any trespassing issues or questions you may have. You have every right to protect your property from harm, misuse, or any other mal-intent from a trespasser. However, you also need to understand the laws in Massachusetts, especially if you find yourself facing charges of trespassing on a property. While you have the right to protection, there are certain responsibilities and liabilities that you should be aware of as a property owner. If you aren’t aware of the laws, you could be held liable for any harm or injuries that someone suffers on your property.


The basic way to legally protect your property is to post signs. If someone is on your property but is unaware that is not public or not their own, they aren’t intentionally trespassing. Posting signs can clearly indicate your boundaries. Fencing is another way to indicate property lines and make it obvious that someone must trespass in order to enter. Other means of guarding against or dealing with any trespassing issues include placing cameras to record activity and utilizing the local police when there is a trespassing situation. It is important for commercial and residential property owners to understand that intentionally placing hazards or traps of some sort to trap or injure trespassers is not legal. There is a distinct legal balance between protecting property and being responsible or liable for injuries of another. There may also be legal trespassing issues that arise when landlords or property owners can’t get a tenant or other party to leave a property.


Our firm can answer any questions about property rights and trespassing problems you may have. We can also litigate a trespassing case and help you protect your rights and your property in the process. We will diligent fight for you as a property owner when there has been a problem with trespassing on your property. We can also fight for you if you are facing trespassing charges related to vacating real estate or disputing boundaries. For further clarification of your rights and how legal counsel can protect those rights, Call Shapiro Law Group, PC, and let us help you navigate your particular situation and keep yourself and your property safe. At Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us to set up your initial consultation. (617) 203-8895.