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Parental Rights Attorneys in Massachusetts

Whether you were married and now divorced, or you were never married to the parent of your child, you have Parental Rights. The relationship between a child and parent is invaluable to the healthy growth and development of that child. The bond between parents and children is the most important bond there is. This relationship can also be very complex and unique compared to other family situations. When it comes to Parental Rights, it is vital that you have skilled and experienced Attorney who is understands the parental rights laws in Massachusetts. The Shapiro Law Group, PC can help you secure and protect those rights.



There are numerous reasons someone may need court intervention or legal assistance to protect their rights as a parent. There may be child custody issues with the other parent, such as one parent wanting to move the child out of state. You may also need help if there is contention or disagreements about health care, religion, or education decisions. If you have just found out you are a parent through a paternity test, you may be wondering about your Parental Rights and how to go about being involved from here on out. You may want guidance, advice, and answers about what your rights are at this point and what may best for the overall parent-child relationship. This new journey into parenthood is too important to not know your rights or how best to navigate this new chapter.



Our firm has experience dealing with sensitive family relationships. We have the compassion needed to help you during what may be a difficult or emotional time. The protection of your Parental Rights is something we take very seriously. Let the family Lawyers at Shapiro Law Group, PC hear the details of your situation and help guide you toward resolution. We will fight for your rights and help protect the best interests of the child or children. If you need immediate help ensuring your rights are respected or have questions about your legal rights and role as a parent, let us see if we can help. We can give your case personal attention and can provide an honest assessment of your position. With our flexible and ongoing support, your Parental Rights case will be handled quickly, and with the best possible resolution for all involved. The attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation. (617) 812-2398.