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Parenting Coordinator in Massachusetts

There are times when a Divorce or Separation becomes too difficult for parents to work through the details together in a productive way. When these difficulties make it a challenge for parents to agree on decisions regarding children, a Parenting Coordinator may be utilized. The Parental Coordinators at Shapiro Law Group, PC have the compassion and experience needed to act as a Parenting Coordinator during your custody dispute. Difficult custody issues can lead to a breakdown of communication between the parents. Under normal circumstances, they may find they have to keep returning to Court to have decisions reached. However, if they work with a Parenting Coordinator, they can avoid numerous Court Appearances, and both feel heard and understood. A Parenting Coordinator is an impartial individual who both parents agree to work with to obtain a mutual goal. The job of a Parenting Coordinator is to mediate and facilitate communication between the parents to help them reach decisions together. If they still can’t agree on the best possible solution, a Parenting Coordinator will present a solution. A Parenting Coordinator may work with the child if they are of an age to communicate their needs. They can also speak with others who may be of assistance. This may include school counselors or others who deal with the family and can give valuable insight.



The role of a Massachusetts parenting coordinator is to have excellent mediation skills and experience in Family Law and Custody Issues. Training and experience in conflict resolution is also vital. Communication and negotiating skills are needed by a Parenting Coordinator. A skilled and effective Parenting Coordinator will be able to focus on the best interests of the child and reduce parenting conflicts in a timely manner.


Shapiro Law Group, PC has the ability to help resolve custody conflicts quickly and with respect for the needs and wishes of all parties involved. We can educate both sides as to what options may help them find a favorable resolution. The need for a parenting coordinator can arise to help resolve conflicts over education or even to help outline changes to holiday schedules. You may need our help at the onset of a split, or as Parenting Plan conflicts happen over time. We know the importance of sensitive custody issues and what all is at stake. We will take our role as a parenting coordinator very seriously and work to help families through these difficult times. We provide flexible and ongoing support and will focus on the needs of your family. Whether it is a high conflict case or you are at an impasse over one issue, our experience and communication skills can be the way toward a resolution everyone can feel comfortable accepting. The attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation. (617) 812-2398.