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Modification Laws for Child Custody, Support & Alimony

A Modification to a Court Order or agreement can involve a variety of legal matters. It can be a modification of custody, Child Support, or alimony. Whenever there is a problem with an agreement or Court Order and a Modification is on the table, the right legal counsel can make the difference between a favorable outcome and an unfair resolution. Whether you are seeking a Modification or need a Family Law Attorney to help fight a potential Modification, Shapiro Law Group, PC is the right choice for knowledgeable and aggressive representation. We will help you get the resolution you need. There are many reasons a Modification may be needed for Child Custody and Child Support. Some of the most common situations that lead someone to seek a Modification include:

  • Other parent wants Custody
  • Other parent loses job or relocates
  • Change in needs of the Child
  • Parent falls ill
  • Parent has drug or alcohol issues
  • Educational or health needs of Child change
  • Change in work or school schedules
  • Parent takes another job or has a new source of income
  • Necessary change in a parenting plan



Each family is unique and the needs of the Children involved are also unique. This is why it is imperative that anyone dealing with a Modification has an Attorney who will take the time to hear the details and get to know the situation. We can help outline the details and benefits of a Modification for your Child Custody or child support case. Another area of Family Law where Modifications can be sought is Alimony. While Alimony is typically set as part of a Divorce settlement, circumstances may change and warrant a Modification. Some of the circumstances that can lead to an Alimony Modification include:

  • Spouse loses a job
  • Spouse receiving payments gets married or cohabitates for over 3 months
  • Spouse’s health
  • Age of spouse
  • Rehabilitative or transitional alimony is no longer needed


Regardless of what area of family law may drive you to seek or fight a Modification, having a skilled negotiator and dedicated representative in your corner can be your most valuable investment. At Shapiro Law Group, PC we take the time to listen and will find a way to pursue a Modification that works in your favor. Most Modification requests or Orders pertain to sensitive family matters and require a level of compassion and understanding. Our firm gives each case the individual attention needed and the ongoing Support that can make all the difference. Our close connection to our clients, and our honest advice and guidance makes us the best advocate you can have when facing a Modification situation. The Attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation. (617) 812-2398.