Shapiro Law Group, PC has the experience needed to make sure every detail of your case is handled with your needs in mind. We will explain the entire process, secure the necessary documents, and be there to help keep you focused on the resolution you need and deserve.

Divorce Litigation Attorneys in Massachusetts

When it comes to any legal situation, Litigation is a possibility. Any Litigation situation requires preparation and experience. The divorce attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC, have the negotiating and litigating skills to successfully represent you as your case moves to this chapter. Litigation can pertain to complex and emotional family situations, and there may a lot at stake. Our Firm will guide you through the process while doing every necessary to reach a favorable and just resolution.



Our Firm will fully explain the possible outcome to your case and will work with you to present your side in the best light we can. We will take the time to understand your position and your needs and will devise a way to make sure you are heard. The outcome of a Litigation situation may have serious consequences for you and your family. You have every right to understand those consequences and to have trusted legal counsel in your corner. Our dedication to our clients during what may be a stressful and confusing time is unparalleled. We know the process leading up to a Litigation can be overwhelming, and we work to always keep you updated and ensure you are prepared in every way. This may mean advice on demeanor and advice before testifying. We also dedicate the time and resources needed to prepare documentation, line up witness statements and testimony, and work with any experts or witnesses to be sure they are prepared too. Our focus and experience makes us the reliable choice when facing any Litigation situation.


Before you agree to settle any legal case without knowing the possible outcomes Litigation may bring, let Shapiro Law Group, PC, listen to the details of your case and help plan a course of action that can garner the results you need. When you need legal representation who is focused, clear-headed, and able to guide the most complex and important cases, you need Shapiro Law Group, PC, on your side. The Attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation. (617) 812-2398.