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Limited Assistance Representation Law

There may be cases or situations when you need legal guidance and Assistance, but are not in the market for full scale Representation. Regardless of how minor the legal issue is that you are facing, having some kind of guidance and source of information will greatly increase your chances of a favorable outcome. It is never a good idea to go at it alone, but we understand the needs of individuals who do not want or need full time Counsel. Shapiro Law Group, PC, offers limited assistance representation for those who need legal help, but on a Limited basis. This allows you to have access to a professional in the particular area of law you need help with. But, it allows you to also take charge of the course and direction of your own case without feeling completely on your own.



With Limited Assistance Representation, you can have one of our Family Law Attorneys help with document preparation. We can also be by your side during a hearing to help guide you through the process. We can sit down with you and explain exactly what might occur and how best you can prepare for Hearing or Trial. We can also explain Statutes or Laws that may help your case. When you hire a lawyer for limited assistance representation, the details and boundaries as to what areas of Assistance will be rendered are all outlined and agreed to between you and the Lawyer. This means all areas of help are pre-established, and you are comfortable with the amount of help you will get and in what way you will get it.


Investing in limited assistance representation with the family lawyers at Shapiro Law Group, PC is an excellent way to get affordable legal guidance that you can trust. You will go into your case fully confident in your ability to obtain a favorable outcome. The ability to customize an agreement makes limited assistance representation the way to get the help you need specifically where you need it, nothing more and nothing less. If you are facing a court hearing or trial and want help with certain aspects of the situation, let us answer your questions about limited assistance representation. It is never advised that you go into any legal matter alone. With our help, even in the background and as source of information, you won’t ever have to. Call us today ask about our flexible schedule and experience so you can get one step closer to the resolution you need for your case. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation. (617) 812-2398.