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HUD Preparation Services in Massachusetts

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) document preparation is a vital part of any real estate transaction. The sheer amount of figures and detailed outline of financial information has to be correct and should be fully understood by all parties. Because of the breakdown and importance of understanding a HUD settlement statement, it is vital that you have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney review all figures and documents involved. The real estate attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC, can provide comprehensive and reliable HUD preparation services to ensure your real estate deal and closing goes according to plan. The HUD settlement paperwork must be presented at the closing of the real estate transaction. It basically list all of the costs involved in the transaction. This complete visible breakdown of costs, fees, and charges needs to be accurate and clearly outlined for all to investigate.


Some of the exact figures and items listed include:

  • Sale price
  • Loan fees
  • Broker fees
  • Cash due and deposits
  • Title charges
  • Transfer charges
  • Loan amount
  • Interest rate
  • Escrow details
  • Processing fees
  • Tax figures
  • Items paid in advance
  • Any adjustments

HUD settlement paperwork can be subject to discrepancies, namely human error. There may also be disputes. Our firm has the resources available to complete HUD preparation services and keep you informed every step of the way. We will effectively explain the breakdown and ensure every detail of the paperwork is correct before moving forward. It is never advisable to try and deal with any HUD settlement paperwork on your own. The closing and ability to complete the real estate transaction may hinge on the items listed and any disputes that come about. We will thoroughly attend to all of the paperwork, confirm figures, and work with dedication to ensuring your real estate transaction is handled in a fair and timely manner. Let Shapiro Law Group, PC, handle your HUD preparation needs so you can move forward with the process of buying or selling real estate. At Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us to set up your initial consultation. (617) 203-8895.