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Grandparents’ Rights Litigation Attorneys in Massachusetts

However, there are times when negotiations and mediation does not yield a solution that works for families and grandparents. Litigation may then be necessary. Shapiro Law Group, PC, has the litigating experience to ensure the most favorable resolution possible when the rights of grandparents are at stake. We also have the compassion to navigate the most complex and contentious litigation cases that involve families. Grandparents are often able to negotiate visitation or protect their rights and role in grandchildren’s lives. When that role is threatened and the welfare, safety, and health of a grandchild is compromised or at risk, a grandparent can file for visitation or guardianship. If the case reaches litigation, a successful outcome will protect the grandparents’ rights and the relationship with the grandchild.


When a grandparent has to prove the denial of visitation or a relationship with a grandchild will be detrimental to that child, it may be a difficult endeavor. Shapiro Law Group, PC, will invest the time needed to gather the facts of the case and any evidence that may help a grandparent protect their rights. This may include documents and correspondences, medical reports, and testimony from character witnesses or other family members. Testimony or reports from professionals involved with family members or the child, such as teachers, therapists, and doctors, may all help a grandparent’s case if it reaches litigation.


Our firm will work closely with grandparents to explore all of their options. We will keep grandparents informed of the progress and potential outcome of their litigation case. We understand the emotional complexities involved when a grandparent feels legal avenues are the only way to ensure the best interests of a grandchild are protected. Our experience combined with our litigating ability will increase the chances of a favorable outcome for your case. At Shapiro Law Group, PC, we will tackle your case with sensitivity, compassion, and a strong dedication to helping protect your rights as a grandparent. The attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact our Massachusetts litigation attorneys today to set up your free initial consultation. (617) 812-2398.