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Estate Planning Attorneys in Massachusetts

Regardless of your age or the value of your assets, if you own anything or if you have children, you need to think about estate planning. It encompasses essential legal services and documents that ensure your wishes are upheld after you pass. Estate planning ensures your family and other beneficiaries are protected. Some documents also protect your health decisions and financial welfare if you become incapacitated. You have worked hard for all you have and the care and welfare of any minor children or adult children with special needs is too vital to leave to chance. When you want to be sure to protect and provide for loved ones and also protect the future of your assets, let Shapiro Law Group, PC, handle all of your estate planning needs. Effective estate planning can reduce family conflict during a difficult and emotional time, lessen the tax burden related to assets, and help your beneficiaries avoid a costly and timely probate process.


Estate planning is a personal and individual journey relative to your unique estate and those who will be beneficiaries of any part of that estate. However, there are common documents most everyone should include in the estate planning process. Those legal documents include:

  • Will—after death, this document details who receives property, funds, and appoints a guardian for any children
  • Power of Attorney—document outlining who can make financial decisions if you can’t
  • Medical Directive—sometimes called a “living will.” Designates a party to make medical decisions if you are unable to
  • Trusts—funds set aside and designated for a specific party and a specific use

These documents and others we can draft for you can ensure your wishes are upheld. The documents also help ensure the people you leave behind are taken care of in the way you see fit. Because life circumstances often change, estate planning can be a fluid legal process. There may be changes such as divorce, marriages, births, or deaths that mean a will or medical directive drafted today may not be relevant next year. When your needs change or you simply wish to revise or revoke previous decisions, you need an attorney in your corner who will understand and attend to your changing needs.


The estate attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC, know the importance of estate planning and work to give clients the personal attention they need during the process. We will take the time to understand your needs and work with you to explain the best options to meet those needs. We will analyze your current situation and make provisions that address unique issues such as adult children with special needs, blended families, families businesses, healthcare decisions, and specific needs for minor children. Our firm will work with you to draft and revise estate planning that is custom made for your family and what you want for them now and in the future. We will create protections for all areas of your life. Our firm will do all we can to make sure your assets are handled as you wish and your beneficiaries have the least amount of tax burdens related to your estate. Let the compassionate estate planning attorneys from Shapiro Law Group, PC, guide you through this personal journey. The attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation. (617) 203-8895.