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Employment Contract Laws in Massachusetts

Many Massachusetts companies draft and negotiate employment contracts as a standard part of the hiring process. The importance of seeking legal advice and guidance before signing or presenting an employment contract to a potential employee can’t be overstated. Our employment law attorneys have the experience and knowledge of labor law needed to ensure your employment contract needs are handled with your best interest in mind. An employment contract typically contains an outline of company policies and guidelines. It will give details about the terms and conditions of employment. It usually has details about compensation and any kind of severance agreement also.


The terms of an employment contract are often negotiable and a skilled employment contract attorney from Shapiro Law Group, PC, will take the time to pursue options and pinpoint areas that can be negotiated. A professionally drafted and revised employment contract can help both parties go forward with a full understanding of expectations and conditions. This can help both the employer and employee avoid litigation in the future by protecting each from any miscommunication or misunderstanding. One party may need legal guidance and representation if an employment contract has been breached. In this case, Shapiro Law Group, PC, can be your source for a trusted and reliable advocate who will investigate the terms of the contract and help ensure a favorable resolution. This may mean finding fault with the legality of the contract or ensuring proper compensation if termination of employment goes against the terms of the contract. An employer may also need legal help to ensure they do not suffer financially for a contract breach by an employee. Negotiating and revising an employer contract may be an on-going process. The success of revisions or negotiations can ensure the uninterrupted day to day operations of a company.


Shapiro Law Group, PC, understands how important contracts are to the everyday operations and success of any business. Effective and legally binding employment contracts exemplify a level of trust and understanding between employers and employees. Our firm can draft, revise, and negotiate employment contracts that protect your interests, your career, or your business. Let us review the terms you wish to relay or the terms you are being asked to agree to. We will give you an honest evaluation and help you go forward with full confidence in the employment contract you are involved in. The attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation. 339-298-2300.