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Conservatorship & Guardianship Litigation Lawyers

The need for legal counsel to assist with Guardianship and conservatorship issues can come about due to a wide variety of life circumstances. There may be emergencies requiring quick action on the part of family or friends. There may be family disputes or disagreements that make it difficult for someone to pursue being a guardian or conservator. These issues and circumstances can result in litigation. If you are facing the possibility of litigation related to guardianship, conservatorship of a minor or incapacitated adult, Shapiro Law Group, PC, can help. Our experienced and compassionate attorneys can fight for the most favorable outcome and handle your case with the sensitivity it may require.


When an emergency occurs that leaves an adult incapacitated or an event leaves a minor without parents, it may necessitate quick action. Other family members or people close to the situation may try to block or fight a filing for guardianship or conservatorship. This can mean the fate of a child or incapacitated adult can hang in the balance while a decision is fought for or objected. Decisions of great importance may need debated and argued, such as where a child will live, go to school, or what will happen with an inheritance. Other pressing matters that litigation may have to decide pertaining to an incapacitated adult can include medical care, if someone is to be admitted to a nursing home, or what becomes of assets and property. When the fate of a loved one’s or child’s health, welfare, and finances are on the line, you will want a legal advocate who can work quickly and still give your case the time needed to fully understand your position. Shapiro Law Group, PC, can be that advocate.


Our firm knows any litigation pertaining to guardianship or conservatorship can be a difficult, emotional, and distressing time. Our firm will help you remain focused and will diligently pursue all of your options. We will work to ensure you understand the litigation process and know what to expect. We will also work to gather any evidence that will help your case. Some of the evidence that may matter in a guardianship or conservatory case can include financial records, health care proxies, power of attorney, letters and documents outlining wishes, and testimony of friends or loved ones close to the case. Let Shapiro Law Group, PC, hear the details of your situation and see how we can help litigate your guardianship or conservatory case. With dedication and skilled litigators by your side from Shapiro Law Group, PC, your case may be settled quickly and with your best interests protected. The attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation. (617) 812-2398.