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Boat Accidents

Whether for scenery, fishing, or just having a fun day away from land, there is no doubt that you can have a lot of fun on a boat. While not something you commonly worry about, boat accidents can put a damper in that fun quickly. And, if you’re injured in one of these accidents, dealing with the aftermath can be the cause of a great deal of stress. You just wanted to get out on the water for a nice, relaxing day and now you find yourself in need of a boat accident lawyer. At Shapiro Law Group, our attorneys are experienced in handling accidents on the water and ready to help.


If you speak to an experienced boat accident law firm, you’ll find that most injuries occurring on the water aren’t severe. However, this does not mean that a boat accident is easy to deal with. And, should a severe injury occur, getting the help you need can take time. Right after the accident occurs, it’s important you take proper precautions. What do some of those precautions look like? Before you contact your boat accident attorney, it helps to consider all aspects of a boating accident.


When it comes to liability, you’ll find that boat accidents are largely similar to what you would find in motor vehicle accidents. However, one marked difference is the requirements for insurance. While they are quite strict when it comes to automobiles, Massachusetts boating laws don’t explicitly require someone operating a boat to have insurance. Knowing this, it’s important that liability is something you pay attention to during a claim. Who is responsible for paying your medical bills if you are injured? What other expenses can the responsible party be held liable for? This is where a boat accident lawyer can be a tremendous help.


When boat accidents occur around Massachusetts, the law has a few requirements in terms of reporting. Specifically, it is required that accidents with damages over $500 are reported to the MA Environmental Police within five days of occurring. If there is a fatality during the accident, you must report it within two days. Of course, the MA Environmental Police may not be the only person you need to contact. You will also want to make an immediate report to the nearest waterway authorities. Beyond guiding you through this process, working with a boat accident law firm helps you explore all variables in the accident. For instance, if the liable party did not have all the safety equipment required by law, your boat accident attorney may have grounds to pursue additional damages.


The first thing to do after any sort of accident is to assess the damages. Most importantly, check if anyone is injured. If there are injuries and you’re on the open water, it’s important you triage those injuries in the best way you can. Work to stop any bleeding and make those who are injured as comfortable as possible. However, do not try to move someone who has sustained any sort of back injury more than is necessary. If at all possible, while injuries are attended to, someone should be on the radio with the nearest coast authorities to report the accident and call for aid. When they arrive, make a full report, telling them each detail you can recall as accurately as you can remember. For your own records, take photos and write down notes of your own if you can. Following this process with help you boat accident lawyer with all the most accurate information.


When it comes to boat accidents, your average accident won’t result in serious or life-threatening injuries. But, because you are not immediately near medical facilities, getting treatment for injuries sustained can take more time. If injuries are potentially life-threatening, it’s that much more important you have proper safety equipment aboard.

After you make it safely ashore and receive medical assistance, the next person you should contact is an experienced boat accident attorney.


After suffering any sort of injury on a boat, it’s important you follow these steps to work towards the best outcome. When it comes time to hire a boat accident law firm, you’re in good hands with Shapiro Law Group. Offering direct experienced in boat accidents and other personal injury cases, your boat accident lawyer is dedicated to working towards the best outcome. We look at your individual case and the injuries sustained, as well as the testimonies presented to authorities. With everything considered, we take a hands-on approach to reaching a favorable settlement. This way, you not only get the medical attention you need, but you get financial recoveries to help pay for that case and get you back on your feet. When you need help with a boat accident case, call Shapiro Law Group today at 339-298-2300.