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Appeals Law and Appellate Litigations Law in Massachusetts

The appeals process is Massachusetts is a detailed and vital part of the legal system. An appeal is often misunderstood as a do-over. It does not involve a retrial simply based on the hope for a different outcome. It is the process of reviewing or challenging the decision of a lower court based on specific and detailed criteria. A ruling by a lower court can be appealed to the state appellate court or the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Appellate litigation involves an extensive review of the court record of a specific case. It takes a great deal of research, organization, and investigation into one issue to be challenged. The appeals process takes place after a ruling is handed down in a court case.


In order to seek an appeal, there must first be a trial lawyer who works to preserve issues for appeal while also working to win the case at hand. Issues identified as reason for appeal need to be listed and presented for appellate review. This requires intense legal research and understanding of the courts and issues which may be grounds for appeal. An appeals consultant can be a valuable resource as a litigator focuses on a case subject to an appeal.


An appeal can make a significant difference in a client’s life. The energy and dedication needed to fulfill the appeal process and effectively navigate the appellate courts should not be underestimated. The success of an appeal hinges on the relevance and legality of the issue that is subject of the appeal. It also hinges on the skill and knowledge of the attorney following through with an appeal. It is vital that anyone seeking an appeal have the support and guidance of an attorney who has a successful track record and an unyielding dedication to seeing any wrongs corrected in a Massachusetts appellate court. The attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation. (617) 203-8895.