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Personal Injury Laws in Massachusetts – What’s My Case Worth?

What’s My Injury Case Really Worth?

Every lawyer who specializes in personal injury law hears the question “What’s my case worth?” While it is only natural to want to know the answer, it isn’t as simple as a standard formula or percentage like child support or alimony might be. Each case is different and each injury can affect someone very differently than it may affect someone else. Even though a lawyer can’t give you a value off the top of his or her head, there are a few factors that might help someone get an idea of what his or her case might be worth.

Don’t Expect Too Little or Too Much  

Whenever a personal injury has happened, an insurance company may offer a figure that might not even begin to cover the medical bills or cost of ongoing treatments. However, if an amount proposed to a jury is too high, there is a risk of loss of empathy.

An initial figure can be calculated based on the following factors that are unique to each case:

  • Liability—whether there is clear liability proven or liability is questionable
  • Pre-existing issues—for example, if a suit pertains to a car accident causing back injuries, but the   person already has some back issues
  • Age of victim—there may be a difference in a settlement amount for a teenager or child who becomes permanently disabled as compared to someone in their 80’s.
  • Any ongoing or future treatment, therapies, or surgeries that may be needed to recover as much as possible
  • Pain and suffering caused by the accident—including how the accident may affect a family
  • Level of disability or injury—whether permanent and life-altering, catastrophic or temporary
  • Any scars or disfigurement that may alter appearance permanently
  • Psychological damage
  • Lost wages and ability to work again

Evaluating each of these factors can help a lawyer determine what may be needed to help a client recover as much as possible. However, no guarantees of a settlement amount can be made in any case.

Possible Outcome

Despite the fact that each case is unique, knowing some of the latest personal injury case outcomes in the Massachusetts area can help a client get an idea of what kind of settlement may be possible. Recently, a Massachusetts personal injury case was settled after a driver fled police and wrecked, causing the passenger to break her back. The woman suffered both neurological and internal injuries and awarded a $1.25 million settlement. One man recently suffered back injuries in a car accident, and ended up physically unable to continue pursuing a plumbing career. He was awarded $220,000. A woman suffered head injuries and orthopedic injuries due to a slip and fall incident. She lost the ability to continue working as a public school teacher and was awarded $445,000 for her injuries. Two recent workers’ compensation cases garnered settlements recently also. A nurse who permanently hurt her back was awarded $210,000 and a man who lost his hand in a work accident was awarded $350,000.

These recent cases highlight the wide range of possibilities and circumstances that encompass each case. An experienced personal injury attorney can take each component of your case and determine an estimate that can help all parties move forward towards a resolution. Before you think about accepting a settlement, let Anna Shapiro, Esq., PC evaluate your personal injury case and see what kind of settlement may be attainable for your personal injury case.

By Anna Shapiro, Esq.