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Pedestrian Safety in the Spring

The snow is finally melting, the breezes are getting warmer and the sun is shining on budding flowers; spring is one of the best times to live in the northeast! Unfortunately, spring brings a new set of issues which pedestrians need to be aware of to stay safe. Here are four pedestrian safety tips to remember this spring.

Watch Out for Slippery Surfaces

Spring is that amazing time of year when the gloom of the winter months finally passes, and the sun finally peaks out from behind the clouds. This sense of renewal, however, often means slippery surfaces. Whether they are caused by melting snow or ice, heavy rain, or sloppy mud, slick and slippery surfaces pose a serious risk for personal injury. When walking on sidewalks, through parking lots, or in other public places this spring, always be sure to pay close attention to all surfaces – especially after dark – when cooler temperatures and black ice can lead to serious slips and falls.

Avoid Walking at Night

Nighttime isn’t just a danger because of black ice. Nighttime is a particularly treacherous time because of poor visibility. This is true in both urban and rural environments, where uneven pathways, debris and rocks, and other obstacles are hidden from view. Not only that, but walking at night opens pedestrians up to the danger of being struck by a motorist. When walking at night this spring, be sure to wear highly-visible clothing and carry a flashlight to ensure you see clearly – and are clearly seen.  

Be Predictable

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 6,000 Americans were killed in traffic collisions in 2017. While this was a slight decrease from previous years, the fact remains that far too many people are senselessly killed when walking alongside our nation’s roads. The NHTSA advises pedestrians to always keep a predictable path when walking along the road. This includes walking with the traffic, so drivers can see the pedestrian, as well as following the rules of the road and obeying all street signs and signals.

Never Assume the Driver Sees You

While walking with the flow of traffic is the best course to take, it is critical that pedestrians never assume that all drivers are aware of their presence. Bright colored clothing is one way to improve your visibility, but road signs, utility poles, or other objects may still obstruct a driver’s view. Before crossing any roads, always make sure to make eye contact with any motorists, to make sure they are aware of both your presence and your intentions.

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