Mediation Lawyers – Massachusetts

Shapiro Law Group, PC provides private mediation services to help parties resolve conflicts in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Mediation is a method to resolve disputes that may be used at any point during the litigation process. Due to our extensive litigation experience, we understand the importance of reaching creative solutions while avoiding the expense, delay and uncertainty of a contested trial.

Types of Mediation

Our mediators are highly trained and available to assist you at any stage in your case. We offer mediation services for all types of disputes, including:

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation provides parties the opportunity to discuss their issues openly in a confidential setting with the assistance of a neutral mediator. Our mediators will assist you in working collaboratively towards solutions that are tailored to meet your interests. As opposed to the traditional adversarial process, parties who choose mediation have reassurance that their dispute will remain private and that they will have control over the outcome.

Mediation is a more efficient and affordable process than litigation. Disputes are often resolved in several mediation sessions whereas contentious litigation can last a year or more. Mediation sessions can be scheduled quickly and at a time and location convenient for all parties.

Experienced Mediators – Massachusetts

The experienced mediators at Shapiro Law Group, PC will offer candid observations and keep the parties engaged and focused on resolution. Once you have reached a resolution of all issues, our mediators will assist you in preparing a formal agreement. We will also provide you with a detailed explanation of the process of filing your agreement with the Court.

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