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Massachusetts Social Security and Disability Laws

Social Security and Disability Laws in Massachusetts

Any social security and disability benefits in Massachusetts are based on how much someone has paid into the system during the time they were wage earners. The more you have worked and contributed, the more benefits you may receive when you need them. While most people start out their “working” lives with the intent of working until they are eligible for retirement, sometimes life does not go according to plan. Massachusetts workers may find life circumstances can alter their ability to continue working. When this happens, they may be eligible for social security disability payments. These payments can literally be a lifeline for those who have worked and now are unable to do so.

SSD Eligibility – MA

Massachusetts residents should be aware of what kind of injures, conditions, or chronic illness may qualify as a disability that could garner social security disability payments. There is a comprehensive handbook that list every possible condition and illness. However, some of the most common disabilities that can lead to social security disability payments include:

•    Muscle, joint and bone conditions—carpal tunnel, arthritis
•    Back conditions—herniated disc, bulging disc
•    Neurological or nervous system conditions—Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis
•    Breathing—asthma, sleep apnea
•    Mental or emotional illness—depression, anxiety
•    Immune disorders—IBS, colitis
•    Cancer
•    Hearing, visual or skin disease or disorders
•    Chronic syndromes—chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia
•    Many others that fit the criteria of a condition, ailment or injury that leaves a sufferer unable to perform tasks and work in accordance to what they are trained or capable of, or congruent to work that is generally available to them.

Application Process in MA

The application process for approval can be confusing and extremely time consuming. It simply is not a straightforward process, and not one anyone should handle alone. A skilled and experienced Massachusetts social security and disability lawyer can help with the documentation and application process. It is imperative that an applicant for social security disability gathers and documents any and all medical verification. This can include letters from medical professionals, proof of treatments, lists of symptoms suffered or any other evidence that proves the existence and severity of a specific condition, ailment, or injury.
Many claims are initially denied. However, there is an appeal process that can include four steps if the first does not garner an approval. The four steps for a possible appeal include:

•    Reconsideration
•    ALJ hearing
•    Appeals council
•    Law suit filed in federal court

Appeal Process in MA

The appeal process can be lengthy, exhausting and overwhelming; especially considering you may be dealing with an injury, ailment, or debilitating condition while in the midst of trying to access earned benefits. Because of the complexities and the enormity of what is at stake, Shapiro Law fights for the rights of those who need social security disability payments as soon as possible. There is an increased margin of an appeal being successful when legal counsel is involved. The determination to see the rights of anyone seeking benefits protected is unmatched at Shapiro Law Group. Simply accepting a denial of benefits is not acceptable at all for us. With the help of the professional Massachusetts social security disability lawyer at Shapiro Law Group we will do everything possible to see you get what you need, what you are entitled to, and what you deserve.

By Anna Shapiro