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The process of filing a lawsuit begins when you provide your attorney with a complete account of the subject of your suit, with all the details you can recall. After that, you and your legal representative work together to collect evidence and relevant information. When your attorney has their arguments ready, they can then file a complaint – a document telling the court about the issue. The court then asks the soon-to-be defendant to respond.


Settlement can be an attractive option for concluding a lawsuit, but you need to consider if it is truly the best choice for your situation. Your attorney will seek to find the options they think will benefit you most and discuss them with you. They will also want to discuss relevant factors, like your current assets and whether or not you are even comfortable with the terms for the settlement. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you accept the settlement or push for something else.

Attorney on Retainer

While it is not necessary for a company to do so, hiring an attorney on retainer comes with one great benefit. Attorneys on retainer receive the chance to learn and understand your company: who works there, what your goals are, and how every aspect of the business is done. You would have to explain all this to other lawyers each time you hire them, but when you have one in-house, you will only need to explain once. They will then be able to provide better consultation any time you have a legal question.

Litigation Strategists

The Attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC have extensive experience in working together with both Plaintiffs and Defendants in formulating a cogent and aggressive strategy, and have a proven record at obtaining successful results for their clients at Court Appearances and other confrontational contexts. Often, litigants witness their cases advance to Discovery, or the mechanism by which information is formally exchanged prior to Trial. This is a critical stage in any Lawsuit, as it often provides valuable insight and evidence which can lead to a favorable judgment. Our Attorneys are well versed in the various methods of Discovery, including, but not limited to audio visual depositions, interrogatories, the use of discovery masters, and other hallmarks of the Discovery process. Often, the materials gleaned from Discovery can extinguish an Opponent’s vexatious attempts at either hiding information from a Plaintiff or harassing and intimidating a Defendant.

Litigation Attorneys in Massachusetts
Litigation Attorneys in Massachusetts

Types of Motions

An alternative to Trial is Motion practice. Certain Motions, such as a Motion for Summary Judgment, allow the parties to make their arguments to the Court, in hopes of seeking judgment without the need for a costly and often month-long Trial. These dispositive Motions are frequently used by both Plaintiffs and Defendants to dissolve any remaining issues, and, if successful, prevail without the need for a Trial. Our Attorneys have strong records in dispositive Motions, often being able to remove several remaining issues, or even removing parties, from a distracting Lawsuit. When a matter cannot be resolved through Mediation, dispositive Motion practice, or other means, the last resort is Trial. Trial involves the use of witnesses, exhibits, and other materials to prepare the best case possible. Often, parties can reach an amicable resolution in the midst of a lengthy Trial, and save both parties costs and time. However, sometimes a trial on the merits must be conducted, to fully put to rest the issues at bar

Trial Attorneys Working For You

The Attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC are tireless Trial advocates, with a strong record of success at Trial, across a constellation of issues. We welcome the input and commentary from our Clients, as we feel it yields a more cohesive and formidable approach to success. As with all matters, when you work with the Shapiro Law Group, PC you work with a team of Attorneys with an arsenal of knowledge. The attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC have significant experience in defending individuals and businesses from a myriad of civil actions, ranging from Contract disputes, Emotional Distress claims, Construction disputes, Employment claims and Consumer Protection claims. Contacting the Shapiro Law Group, PC will alleviate the worry and risk associated with being sued, and will become the first step in eliminating the distraction and destruction Litigation can create. Contact one of the Litigation Attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC today to help protect yourself from distracting Lawsuits.

Litigation Attorneys in Massachusetts
Litigation Attorneys in Massachusetts

Litigation Attorneys for Corporations & Businesses

Corporate legal disputes can pose unique challenges for any size organization. Many disputes can be adeptly handled through skilled and effective negotiation. However, there are times when litigation is necessary and is the only viable option for a corporation wishing to protect its own interests. If your corporation is facing litigation, you need to secure the services of a corporate lawyer who has the aggressiveness and diligence to fight for a fair and just resolution. You need Shapiro Law Group, PC in your corner.

Litigation Attorneys in Massachusetts


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Perhaps the most two concerning of all risks are monetary and other losses, as well as a threat of Litigation. Law suits cause distractions, embarrassment and loss of time. In any given context, fighting against or defending an individual or a business can be a nuanced and voluminous task.When an individual or a business sues someone, they become a Plaintiff.The Plaintiff must contact a skilled Plaintiff’s Attorney to prepare necessary paperwork with a specific strategy to be filed against the Defendant, in order to preserve their rights and protect their interests. This paperwork varies from a 93A Demand Letter to protect consumers and businesses to a formal Complaint with the Court in order to obtain damages. Typically, when a person or organization is sued, they become a Defendant. The Defendant must then act swiftly to contact a skilled and proficient Defense Attorney to prepare the necessary papers to prevent a default. These papers include an Answer, a Counter-Claim, and any other documents which may be necessary to formulate a protective and aggressive response. While some matters may be disposed of in the early stages of Litigation, the vast majority of matters assume the traits of a complex Lawsuit, requiring the involvement of multiple parties, and involves Court Appearances.

Types of Litigation

A corporation may face a wide range of complex scenarios that evolve into a litigation situation. Employment disputes and contract disputes can lead to litigation. Serious accusations of wrongdoing, such as harassment or discrimination, can also lead to litigation. A corporation may have to pursue litigation to protect intellectual property or to resolve merger disputes. Breach of contract or lease disputes can also lead a corporation to pursue litigation. This can cost a corporation time and energy. It can divert time from the corporation’s goals and aspirations. Litigation can affect the long-term functioning of a corporation and impact the reputation a corporation may have spent years developing. Settlements handed down can severely impact a corporation’s bottom line. There is simply too much at stake to not take any litigation scenario seriously and secure the most effective and aggressive legal support available.

Litigation Attorneys in Massachusetts
Litigation Attorneys in Massachusetts

Dedicated Attorneys

Shapiro Law Group, PC can dedicate the time and energy to help your corporation overcome the challenges of being faced with litigation. We strive to research each situation and put forth a comprehensive and effective approach that will ensure the best conclusion possible. It is vital that a corporation have a sense of trust in the litigation attorney handling their case. Our firm is dedicated to preserving that trust. We will strive toward a resolution that fair and just as we devise creative and customized solutions to the challenges you may face. We will fiercely pursue your best interest and negotiate on your behalf. Protecting your corporation is your priority and the only way to enjoy continued growth and success. With Shapiro Law Group, PC as your source for flexible and affordable representation during a litigation scenario, you can rest assured protection of your corporation will be our priority too. The attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC serve all of Boston Massachusetts and surrounding areas. We are ready to help you. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation. (339) 298-2300.

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