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Is Riding a Motorcycle in the Winter Safe?

As any motorcycle enthusiast will tell you, there is little that compares to the thrill and feeling of freedom that comes from riding a motorcycle. The freedom of the open road is unfortunately accompanied by an increased risk of injury from motorcycle accidents. In addition, this risk increases further during the winter months. Defensive driving is always a good idea for motorcycle drivers but it is a must during the winter months. Here are some tips to keep in mind from a personal injury lawyer during these winter months.

Reducing Your Chance of Motorcycle Accidents

The arrival of winter brings with it inclement weather, including snow and icy roads. Many drivers do not expect to see motorcycles on the road under such conditions.  Decreased visibility also makes it harder for drivers to see smaller objects on the road. If possible, the best idea is to avoid riding a motorcycle in the snow. That being said, there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of riding a motorcycle during the winter months

Safety Tips For Riding a Motorcycle In the Winter

The first tip should be the most obvious; drive slower. Even with new tires on your bike (always a good idea), the distance required to stop safely increases in snow and on icy roads. So, related to the need to drive slower is the need to increase the following distance between your motorcycle and the vehicle in front of you. Snow and ice are just motorcycle accidents waiting to happen. Black ice, that very thin layer of ice that forms on top of the pavement, is a special danger. It is basically transparent, so very difficult to detect, and the cause of many car accidents. When dealing with black ice, ease off the gas to slow down before you need to brake, slow down before you go into a curve, and avoiding braking when going into curves or turning your bike.

A Warm Biker Is a Safer Biker

Lastly, don’t forget about your own warmth and comfort. It is essential to keep yourself warm, especially your hands and feet. Hands and feet are not as responsive when they are numb from the cold. Also, keep in mind that the faster you drive the colder you will feel. Driving slower will also help during lower visibility. Poor visibility is a major contributing factor to many motorcycle accidents. Of course, keeping warm begins with wearing the proper clothing and gear before starting on your journey. If you have been riding a motorcycle in the winter for a few years you should know about heated gear. In the cold winter months, that is definitely the way to go! Consider getting yourself some heated gloves and heated jacket liners before starting out for that cold ride.

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