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Is Divorce Mediation Right For Me?

The dissolution of a marriage can be a challenging time for any couple. There are a wide-range of decisions to be made by all parties involved. The process can be complicated, contentious, and emotionally charged. However, the divorce process doesn’t always have to be divisive if a skilled and experienced divorce mediator is involved. While every couple and the challenges they face may be unique, many may find there are numerous benefits to utilizing the process of Divorce Mediation to resolve issues.

Some of the decisions most couples need to address include: division of assets and debt, spousal support, child support, and child custody. Divorce Mediation can be a source for creative and mutually agreeable solutions to these and any other decisions a couple may need legal help resolving.

Mediation Benefits

One major benefit of Divorce Mediation is the manner in which it is conducted. Mediation is handled through a highly trained professional mediator. Unlike the litigation process, mediation works with sessions centered around open communication where each side is free to express what is important to them. The communication skills used focus on the art of compromise and conflict resolution. The number of sessions is dependent on the needs of the couple. Aside from a more positive communication experience compared to a combative litigation environment, Divorce Mediation is often a quicker way to resolve divorce matters. It is also a more affordable option. It costs less than a typical courtroom divorce situation and takes less time, as both parties are working toward a resolution rather than fighting or debating every detail of the divorce.


For many couples, the confidentiality of the Divorce Mediation process is preferable to other options. The results of a divorce proceeding in Family Court are made part of the public record. Divorce Mediation is handled in private and the solutions reached are simply between the parties involved, with no public record of the agreements put in place. As far as the emotional aspect of a divorce is concerned, Divorce Mediation is an overall healthier approach. Both sides are heard and options are openly explored, options neither party may have thought about before. There is no adversarial aspect or battle-like atmosphere in mediation. Each side has equal input and is respected throughout the process. When a mutual agreement is reached by both parties, those parties can implement the communication skills and style of mediation when they face future decisions.

Divorce Mediation may not work for everyone. However, when a couple wants to move forward, feel mutually respected and heard, and wants a quick and affordable resolution, Divorce Mediation can be the answer.

By Anna Shapiro