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Immigration Laws Attorneys in Massachusetts

Immigration Laws in Massachusetts

Immigration law can encompass a vast number of areas and issues in the legal system of the United States. Each situation may be unique and require individual attention and counsel. It is imperative that you secure a knowledgeable and experienced immigration lawyer to represent you. From basic advice and answers, to assistance filling out paperwork or fighting potential deportation, the attorneys at Anna Shapiro, Esq., PC can be the only professionals you need in your corner to achieve the best results possible.

Common Immigration Law Issues

Any dealings with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service may require the help of an immigration law professional. Some of the most common issues that may require assistance include:

• Green cards and employment
• The path to citizenship
• Visas—work, temporary, student, business, tourist, or others
• Fighting deportation
• Documentation and eligibility
• Family visa issues, such as immediate family visas

US Citizenship

The journey toward citizenship and the legality of staying in the United States to work and live are the most common issues that make up immigration law. People may have questions or some reservations about their status and their eligibility to live and work in this country. An immigration legal specialist can help answer questions and give advice as to the best way to ensure continued eligibility and legality. Simply dealing with the complex amount of paperwork can make the process both overwhelming and intimidating. An immigration law professional can assist with the process and help those who want live and work in the U.S. do so legally. Currently, in order to gain permanent residence status, you must be in the United States for 5 years or be married to a U.S. citizen for 3 years.

Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Attorney

An immigration law attorney can help those who are facing deportation also. For some, the mere thought of deportation can be terrifying as they may have fled dire circumstances.  If someone is convicted of a crime or detained, they may be held for a deportation hearing. The threat of deportation may also loom over someone’s head if they do not have proper documentation or their documentation has expired. Like any legal hearing or action, having a trusted legal professional by your side can make a vast difference in the final outcome. Fighting deportation does not have to be a losing battle. There are options, such the possibility of protected status and asylum, that can help someone who wants to stay here do so legally and with all of the rights and protections that come with that privilege.

Business, Employment and Student Needs

There are a number of situations where one’s employment or education status may require the assistance of an immigration law attorney. Many corporations recruit talent from a wide pool of qualified individuals across the globe, along with providing opportunities for business travel. There are special visas, green cards and national interest waivers to help those who are here to work and enhance their professional development. Academic opportunities also draw a great number of individuals to the U.S. as they attend colleges and universities all around the Massachusetts area. An immigration law attorney can help with the acquisition and handling of student visas and exchange student visas.

The process of becoming a citizen, helping family join you here, or fighting deportation is not something to take on alone. For some, one mistake in documentation or leaving something out can make the ordeal much longer and more stressful than it should be. This can be especially challenging for anyone whose first language is not English. Having a legal representative navigate the process, explain the timetable and documentation necessary, and be there as a support system for however long it takes can make all the difference in how the journey progresses and certainly how it ends.

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By Anna Shapiro