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How To File a Personal Injury Claim In Massachusetts

Personal Injury Claims In Massachusetts

There is no way to know ahead of time if you may find yourself embroiled in a personal injury case or even a situation where it may be an option. No one wants to ever be in the position where they have to deal with insurance companies, prove liability, prove negligence or fight for the rights and damages they deserve. However, countless people in Massachusetts find themselves in need of legal help and protection after an auto accident, work accident, injury due to faulty medical equipment or devices or they find themselves the victim of property damage at the hands of another.

Not All Personal Injury Claims Result in Trial

Some victims may be hesitant to pursue a personal injury claim in Massachusetts due the belief that a claim may take years to settle and large insurance companies can make the process an uphill battle that proves to be a waste of time. However, in Massachusetts, nearly 80% of all personal injury cases are settled with the insurance company outside of a courtroom. Once you have secured legal help, most insurance companies or at-fault parties are more than willing to settle for what you are legally entitled to and not just what they may initially have tried to offer. Once you have an experienced legal team in place, settlements that are offered are typically far more than what would have been offered or secured if you had taken action on your own. With personal injury experts in your corner, you are showing those at fault that you know your rights and know what you are entitled to. Our legal team can effectively present the strengths of your case and can also determine exactly what kind of damages or costly long term effects to expect pertaining to your unique situation.

Don’t Hesitate to Secure Legal Assistance

In Massachusetts, you have three years after a personal injury event to file a claim. However, once an incident has happened, the insurance team or party at fault works quickly to gather evidence, line up any witnesses and work to present their side in the event of litigation. If you hesitate in your quest to secure legal assistance, you are ultimately losing ground and decreasing your chances of securing the most desirable settlement and outcome possible.

Damages Are About More Than a Dollar Amount

Winning damages from your Massachusetts personal injury case is not just about securing a certain dollar amount. More often than not, those awarded damages are necessary for a victim to get their life back. Injuries that can occur can vary greatly and some may require a great deal of financial assistance for the foreseeable future. There may be injuries involved that necessitate long term health care or that have resulted in taking away the ability of a victim to ever work again in their chosen and trained field. There may be a physical or mental disability suffered that may require care for the rest of the victims life. The level of pain and suffering or emotional distress also may go way beyond what can be documented in a medical bill. There may also be out of pocket costs that accumulate that may be factored into a settlement too. Having a legal representative who knows the intricacies of personal injury law can help you determine just what kind of settlement your unique situation may bring and what amount may be needed to help you get your life back on track.

With the thousands of auto and work-related accidents that occur in Massachusetts each year, insurance companies and their representatives are trained to quickly settle any incident. The same goes for companies that may be in the wrong due to medical mistakes or slip and fall accidents. The legal team at the Shapiro Law Group, PC are highly trained injury lawyers in Massachusetts and experienced at protecting those who may otherwise be railroaded or pressured into accepting a settlement that will not meet their needs or simply isn’t fair given the circumstances. With a full grasp of the statutes, laws and regulations as it pertains to personal injury law in Massachusetts; our firm will see to it that your case is handled in the most beneficial way possible for your needs now and in the future.

By Anna Shapiro