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How Can You Calculate Pain and Suffering?

Being involved in any sort of accident can be traumatizing. While most of your wounds might heal, the time spent recovering and the memories of the accident can leave you with both short and long-term repercussions. Sure, you can seek immediate recovery for your medical expenses from the insurance of the responsible party, and you can even seek lost work pay.

But, what about the pain and suffering that has occurred as a result of your injury? Before contacting a personal injury lawyer, you might want to consider how they calculate pain and suffering.

Dealing with An Accident

Whether or not you suffered a permanent injury during your accident, there are two major ways that a personal injury lawyer will go about calculating pain and suffering. The first is the multiplier method, which would look at both past and future medical expenses, and add a direct multiplier to them.

The foundation here is figuring that your injuries are the root cause of your suffering, and multiplying that amount can at least help with your pain and suffering. Alternatively, the per diem rate would look at your daily salary from a job and multiply it by the number of days spent injured or recovering.

The Aspects of a Personal Injury

Pain and suffering go a bit deeper than just one of these two methods in most cases. Knowing this, an experienced personal injury attorney will look at all contributing factors to your accident and the pain around it. This goes beyond just damages due to pain and suffering.

In fact, your settlement should already be accounting for medical expenses and missed work. The extra payment for your suffering is an additional amount to help overcome the long-term physical and psychological damages due to your injuries and time spent recovering.

Calculating Pain and Suffering

Ultimately, an exact calculation for your pain and suffering is not something you can simply plug into a calculator. Instead, understanding that you missed personal events, were unable to enjoy your usual activities, missed out on family events, etc. can all contribute to a larger settlement for your injury.

If your injuries are permanent in nature, you may also have other factors at work to consider in the calculation. This makes hiring a skilled personal injury attorney essential.

Hiring a Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyer

Calculating pain and suffering may not be easy, but it’s important you don’t ignore your own well-being after a severe accident. Remember, insurance companies and the opposing attorneys might try to convince you that your injuries don’t justify extra compensation for your suffering.

However, you are entitled to recover these damages under the local law. With a passionate personal injury lawyer from Shapiro Law Group on your side, you can work to obtain a just recovery amount for the pains you have endured.

No amount of money can make your pain and suffering disappear, but with an experienced attorney helping you out, you can at least work to maintain your life as it was before the injury. If you or a loved one need help after suffering an injury, pick up the phone and give us a call today at 339-204-0068 for a free consultation to see how we can help.