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How Seriously does Massachusetts Treat Distracted Driving?

Knowing how to drive is a life skill and is necessary in today’s world. But while driving gets you places very efficiently, it also comes with numerous responsibilities. But many drivers focus on more than the road when they’re behind the wheel. Distracted driving is the cause of many accidents.

All states have laws that prohibit driving while distracted. What varies, however, is how strict these laws are or how detailed the provisions can be. Massachusetts is one state that takes distracted driving quite seriously. The state has specific laws in place to discourage and punish distracted driving.

Seven Notable Items in Massachusetts’ Distracted Driving Law

Massachusetts has a comprehensive act that focuses on safe driving. Distracted driving is something that is detailed in that act. Here are seven notable items in the Massachusetts Distracted Driving Act.

  1. Any form of distracted driving is illegal.

Driving is a high-risk activity even though it is done on an everyday basis. As such, driving demands a person’s full attention, and can lead to disastrous consequences. The safe driving act of Massachusetts discourages all forms of distracted driving and has consequences in place for those that do not follow.

  1. Phones and electronic devices are primarily on the watch list.

Some of the most common objects that distract drivers are phones, tablets, or any other electronic device. The safe driving law details how to use these items, and when it is not permissible to use these objects.

  1. Visual test is necessary for license renewals.

Distracted driving itself is not the only focus of the safe driving act. It also requires people who want to renew their driver’s licenses to undertake a visual test to ensure that they can drive properly.

  1. These laws include all modes of transport.

This Massachusetts law is very comprehensive. It does not only focus on cars but other vehicles as well. This statute includes both land and aquatic methods of transportations.

  1. There are severe fines involved.

All noncompliant members of the community will be fined based on how severely they failed to comply with the safe driving act. The fines act as an excellent deterrent to distracted driving and can decrease the number of accidents that occur in the long run. For the most stubborn of drivers who break the law multiple times, there is a driver education workshop that they will be required to attend.

  1. Emergencies are an exception.

The only time that you can use your phone or electronic device in your moving car is if you have an emergency, and you will need to prove its legitimacy afterward.

  1. Public awareness campaigns are in place.

This safe driving act also requires the local governments to put in place public awareness programs to inform the public on how to safely drive, and how to avoid improper practices.

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