Practice Strategies for Business Protections and Health Law Compliance

Anna Shapiro, Esp., LLM
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Anna Shapiro, Esp., LLM
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Anna Shapiro, Esp., LLM
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Shapiro Law Group Helps Dental Practices Learn Protections for Their Businesses Beyond HIPPA and OSHA

Avoid Costly Penalties by Ensuring that Your Practice is Protected in All Aspects of its Business

Dental Practices can no longer afford to only comply with rules about HIPPA and OSHA – employment law, corporate structure, and federal and state regulations must be considered in all facets of the organization. Knowing the rules and adhering to them is more important than ever. Federal and state enforcement is on the rise, and one innocent mistake could lead to serious consequences. Protecting your practice from malpractice also entails protecting your personal assets in the event of a claim. Your employment policies and compliance initiatives should be overseen by experienced attorneys who have the know-how and vigilance to stay on top of an ever-changing world.

Review Shapiro Law Group’s Presentation at Yankee Dental Congress 2017:
Beyond HIPPA and OSHA: What You Don’t Know Could Be Putting Your Practice at Risk

A basic primer to establishing a legally sound and compliant office. This lecture will provide insight into the often-forgotten arenas of compliance such as I-9 protocol, office manuals, basic corporate requirements, and asset protection. It will also delve lightly into other employment law dangers of that practice owners should be aware, like new leave laws, personnel file requirements, and other commonly misapplied rules.

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