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DACA Recipients with 3-Year Work Permits May Be Called or Visited at Their Homes By Immigration!

Immigration has announced that, in an effort to retrieve all erroneously issued 3-year work permits, they will begin calling and even performing home visits. Home visits have started as of Thursday, July 16th in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, and possibly San Francisco; however, they will broaden into more regions next week.

Phone Scam

If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from immigration, do not volunteer any of your information. While Immigration agents will be calling people who have not yet returned their 3-year work permits, there is a danger that criminals will take advantage of the fear and try to steal personal information. Listen to what the officer says, politely thank them, and hang up. Do not give out any of your information to the officer. If the officer insists on you providing him with personal information, contact a lawyer immediately.

Home Visits

If you are visited at your home by someone claiming to be an immigration official and demanding your work permit, contact an experienced immigration lawyer immediately. Ask to see that agent’s badge and write down all the agent’s information. Do not volunteer any of your information – ask the agent to provide you with your information as verification that they are actually a federal agent. When turning over a work permit, be sure that you are given a written receipt.

Keep All Receipts

If you have received a warning letter and wish to voluntarily return your 3-year work permit, you may walk into any district office with the notice to return your work permit. Be sure that they give you a receipt because, if you do receive a home visit, you must show them your receipt so the Immigration agent can take you off their list.
Failure to return your 3-year work permit upon demand or by July 31, 2015 may result in the loss of your DACA status and the denial of any application to renew your DACA status. If you are concerned about your status and wish to discuss it with an immigration attorney, feel free to contact Shapiro Law Group, PC as soon as possible for a free phone consultation.

By Anna Shapiro