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Corporate Representation in Massachusetts

Corporations are business entities that require legal protection and also need to meet certain criteria for operation based on Massachusetts and law. Whether you are in the beginning stages of forming a corporation or you and shareholders have decided to sell or dissolve a corporation, you need legal guidance and protection. Shapiro Law Group, PC, has the extensive knowledge of Massachusetts business law to help you navigate any stage of the development and operation of a corporation. Corporations may need a legal advocate for a number of reasons. The initial formation requires legally declaring what kind of entity a business will be. The legal documents needed to become a corporation depend on the options chosen for formation. The initial start-up process and contracts involved can be fairly complex, depending on the size and type of corporation. The specific taxation considerations will depend on whether a business entity becomes an LLC, an LLP, or other entity.


Legal support and guidance will also be needed to outline shareholder responsibility and decision making powers related to the future and growth of a corporation. Managerial and partnership responsibilities and structure also need outlined. As partnerships change over time or as owners transfer power, legal documents will need to be revised and negotiated. When corporations have established themselves, the business may want to venture into new territory and invest in more commercial real estate, assets, and equipment. A skilled and experienced business law and corporation attorney can help ensure these deals and expansion in general goes as smoothly as possible. With that physical expansion, a corporation typically takes on new board members or employees. This can impact taxes, shareholder decision-making, and require negotiation of employee/employer contracts. Annual reports also need to be prepared by corporations in Massachusetts.

Law Firm for Corporations in Massachusetts
Law Firm for Corporations in Massachusetts


Corporations may also face contentious deals or litigation. A skilled and dedicated legal advocate who is involved with the corporation on an on-going basis can be the most valuable asset when negotiations are needed. An experienced litigator can help a corporation avoid fines, disruptions in operations, or even damage to a corporation’s name and reputation. The vast amount of responsibilities and liabilities can make the creation and operation of a corporation overwhelming and even confusing from a legal standpoint. The risk of not having all legal bases covered can be great and the consequences can include fines and serious tax problems. There is too much at stake for corporation to not have a skilled and experienced legal team in place to prevent errors and provide protection. Shapiro Law Group, PC, can your resource for your corporation’s legal needs. We can draft, revise, and negotiate contracts, safeguard assets, and advise about tax issues. Our firm will dedicate ourselves to being the on-going partner you need to keep focused on the goals of your corporation. From the start-up stages and through any challenges that come about along the way, rely on the corporation lawyers at Shapiro Law Group, PC. The attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation. (339) 298-2300.

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