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Real Estate Closing Assistance & Laws in Massachusetts

The official closing of a real estate transaction can be the most important day for you and your finances. It may culminate the journey to buy or sell your most valuable asset. It also certainly means a new chapter in the both the buyers and sellers life. The actual closing day is more than just a formality. Because of what is at stake the potential for unforeseen issues, having legal counsel present at the closing is vital. Shapiro Law Group, PC, know the laws surrounding real estate closings in MA and can help you throughout the entire process of your real estate deal and also to ensure you are protected and prepared at the closing. Many details are finalized at the closing. The process can be overwhelming if you don’t understand everything in front of you. All of the documents need to be organized and presented in their entirety. Not having any of the necessary documents or having discrepancies can compromise or postpone the entire transaction. We will be there to explain any details, answer questions, and negotiate on your behalf when a problem or point of contention needs to be addressed.


Some of the details and paperwork finalized at the closing will include:

  • Title issues
  • Financing and contingency plans
  • Deeds
  • Smoke detector and carbon dioxide certification
  • Insurance papers
  • Funds
  • Payoff statement from seller

After all documents are signed and accounted for, the documents need to be recorded with the Registry of Deeds.

Real Estate Closing Assistance & Laws in Massachusetts
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When you have an experienced real estate attorney from Shapiro Law Group, PC, in your corner at the closing, you can expect personal service and advice. We work to ensure our clients fully understand everything in front of them and the process in general. We dedicate ourselves to being fully prepared and making sure your closing happens in a timely manner with complete accuracy. We are able to navigate challenges and obstacles as they occur at a closing. We will review documents and give you on the spot advice. Our purpose at a closing is make sure you get what you expect and your rights are protected the entire time. Do not think just because the offer, financing, inspections, and other stages before the closing have gone well that you can go without counsel or advice at the actual closing. Our real estate services are designed to ensure your get the most favorable outcome, whether you are the buyer or seller. We will make sure you understand the scope of the commitment and guide you through the entire process. At Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us to set up your initial consultation. (339) 298-2300.

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