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How Expert Witnesses Can Help Your Significant Injuries Claim

When you are injured in an accident, the last thing you want to worry about is having a jury of your peers not believe your claims. Unfortunately, some cases can be dismissed because while the physical pain and injuries may be present, without expert understanding the jury simply doesn’t believe that they exist. In instances like this, an expert witness can help make judges and juries better informed about the catastrophic effects your accident had on your quality of life, as well as the costs associated with your recovery. Here’s how an expert witness can help your significant injuries claim.

The Role of the Expert Witness

Expert witnesses can play an important role in any personal injury case. This is especially true for cases involving significant injuries.  A professional expert can offer trustworthy and valuable testimony concerning a number of areas, including the following.

Your Accident

In cases where significant injuries occur, having an expert witness can help recreate the scene where the injuries occurred. Expert witnesses are often required for cases which involve automotive accidents. An expert witness can use evidence concerning the time, place, as well as information specific to your case – such as the angle, speed, and braking (in the instance of a car crash) – to provide an impartial understanding of the exact circumstances of the accident. This can help you avoid the hearsay and reliance on partial stories told by both parties.

Your Injuries and Pain

While some injuries, such as concussions or broken bones are easily understood by both judges and juries, many injuries can be difficult to fully understand without the assistance of a medical expert. An expert witness can provide insight for juries about the unseen injuries you may have suffered, as well as how these injuries may impact your day-to-day life.

Expert witnesses can also help explain the physical pain you may be feeling to juries. An injury you may have suffered, such as a broken vertebra, may not appear painful to a jury or a judge, but an expert witness can helpfully explain the agony you are in, as well as the long-term ramifications of this pain.

Your Future Medical Costs and Damages

One of the most important ways a medical expert can help your serious injuries claim case is by providing insight into how much your injuries will cost to treat, as well as the costs associated with physical therapy and lost wages.  

Many injuries require life-long care and can significantly hamper your daily routine, or even your ability to earn a living. Your injuries may have also caused intense mental anguish or even PTSD. An expert medical witness can provide insight into the struggles you may have, the appropriate course of action, and how much this treatment will likely cost.

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