Why a Pre-Marital Agreement is a Smart Decision to Protect Your Assets and Business

Pre-marital agreements divide people when they’re mentioned. These agreements, however, serve an important role and are a helpful tool to avoid long-term problems. Here’s why a pre-marital agreement is a smart decision to protect your assets and business. What is a Pre-Marital Agreement? A pre-marital agreement, more commonly known as a “prenup”, is a private […]

When Can I Modify My Spousal Support Agreement?

The decision to dissolve a marriage is usually a difficult and painful one for all parties involved. Beyond the emotional issues, financial issues can compound the stress of the process. Often, one of the partners to the marriage will be facing financial obstacles after the dissolution. Under such circumstances, a spousal support agreement is in […]

What Your Divorce Lawyer Wants You to Tell Them

Having to end a marriage, no matter how short or long it may have lasted, is never a situation you want to find yourself in. But, as people grow and the marriage matures, sometimes it becomes painfully obvious that you were not meant to stay together. Under Massachusetts family law, navigating this process can be […]

The Possibility for an Appeal After a High Net Asset Divorce

There’s really no such thing as planning ahead of time for a divorce. Whether it’s the culmination of an incompatible marriage, the discovery of infidelity, or a life-changing event that brings it to the forefront, you didn’t enter into marriage expecting you’d need to learn anything about divorce law. When the time does arrive, it’s […]

The Limits of Moral Condemnation – Jankovich v Jankovich – Family Law in MA

In Jankovich v Jankovich (14-P-1703), the Massachusetts Court of Appeals refused to morally condemn a father’s decision to have an extra-marital affair with the parties’ live-in au pair. Two years prior to their separation in 2012, the parties Jankovich hired a live in au pair, to assist with the needs their children. For the years […]