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When Can I Modify My Spousal Support Agreement?

The decision to dissolve a marriage is usually a difficult and painful one for all parties involved. Beyond the emotional issues, financial issues can compound the stress of the process. Often, one of the partners to the marriage will be facing financial obstacles after the dissolution. Under such circumstances, a spousal support agreement is in order.

Assisted by a family law attorney, the couple can reduce court costs and time in court if they can reach a spousal support agreement prior to going into court. Of course, the agreement for spousal support, often referred to as alimony, must be approved by the judge prior to the dissolution of the marriage. The judge will look at the financial status of both parties and decide if the agreement is fair to both parties. But, can you change your alimony plan?

Spousal Support Modification

For whatever reason, for better or worse, financial conditions of most of us change over time. Whether due to a promotion, loss of job, or disability affecting the ability to work, any significant change can be the basis for a spousal support modification. If such a change in your financial situation occurs, you should consult an expert divorce lawyer right away regarding an alteration to the support agreement. Laws governing these agreements can be changed at any time and a delay in requesting a modification could have negative financial repercussions.  When it is time to modify, the alimony plan should be considered right away.

Modify Alimony Plan

When a spousal support modification (modify alimony plan) is in order, consult a family law attorney at the Shapiro Law Group regarding how to change spousal support under the divorce laws of the state. Sometimes even temporary significant changes, such as a short-term disability or other financial emergencies, can be the basis to modify the spousal support agreement. Even if both parties agree to the acceptable amount of support on their own, court approval should be sought in order to make the agreement legally enforceable.  

Can You Change Your Alimony Plan?

Can you change your alimony plan? The answer is yes. Massachusetts state laws in this regard review some of the circumstances under which such a modification can occur. Beyond changes in income of one or both parties, other material changes such as a disability, remarriage of the partner receiving the support, or the retirement of the paying former spouse, there may support a request for modification of the original agreement.  Due to changes in the applicable laws over the past several years, the date the original agreement was signed has some bearing as to the ability to modify the agreement and the extent of any such modifications.

Need A Support Modification? Consult the Shapiro Law Group

Spousal support modifications are serious business and present a multitude of issues that need to be reviewed. Ensure a fair modification that meets your needs. Consult a Family Law Attorney at the Shapiro Law Group to help you sort through the plethora of factors that need reviewing. We are here to help. Call 339-298-2300 today for a free consultation.